Let your intuition lead you

Get support with your development from me, Camilla Lebert Hirvi, Intuitive Mentor and Coach, Intuitive Coach- and Leadership trainer, Couples therapist and Retreat leader.

Intuitive Business Mentoring Online

Intuitive Business Mentoring Online

Invest in yourself and your business and create intuitive entrepreneurship step by step with the help of me as an experienced mentor.

Choose between 6 months or 1 year.

  • already have or want to start your own business and run it more intuitively.
  • want to develop your intuitive entrepreneurship and live your full potential and truth and help others do the same.
  • fully or partially want to sustain yourself on your intuitive business and take it to a whole new level.
  • believe in balancing your intuitive side with your planning, structured side, and integrating all aspects within yourself and your business into a whole.
  • are ready to dare to become who you are meant to be.
  • prefer to work more location-independent so you can choose where you want to live and which parts of the year.

You may have one foot in the structured, goal-oriented business world and one foot in the spiritual, intuitive energy world. Right now, a major transformation is underway that most of us are feeling. A merging of the best of the more structured world with even more entrepreneurship and living life based on intuition is happening. We are bringing together the masculine and the feminine. Many of us are still stuck in mindsets with too much focus on planning, structure, goals, and profits. The new way of doing business that is increasingly emerging is to use intuition as our most important tool for success both in daily life and in the long-term vision.

In an Intuitive Business mentoring program, you will explore your inner self, your beliefs, your values, and your desires in a safe space. You will gain a deeper understanding of yourself and cultivate a strong connection to your spirituality. You will learn to create rituals around your way of setting intentions. You will develop trust in your own intuition and receive practical tips on how to create a successful business in your daily life. You will work on letting go of what does not serve you and calling in a whole new way of doing business. It may involve your views on money and your trust in your own abilities.

As your mentor, I start from what you need most. Perhaps you carry your own inner obstacles and doubts. Or you don’t know concretely how to find your customers because you don’t see yourself as a salesperson. You may feel overwhelmed by everything you need to do to succeed with what you know is your truth and what you are meant to help others with. Or you have only a vague idea of what it might be and need clearer guidance on what gift you have to offer the world.

We work with your intentions, create a space for you to grow fully, explore, and create clarity in what your heart’s voice is saying. You learn to listen to your inner compass. We work with meditations, ceremonies, conversations, short lectures, practical and spiritual exercises. Everything leads you to develop into the beautiful flower that the world so desperately needs right now and to clearly know how to move your business forward based on intuition.

Choose between either 6 months of mentoring or 1 year. We meet every other week online for a one-hour mentoring session. In between sessions, you develop yourself and your business step by step.


The 6-month program includes 12 one-hour sessions.
Price: 3 500 EURO without VAT (as I have a company outside Europe)

The 1-year program includes 24 one-hour sessions.
Price: 6 200 without VAT (as I have a company outside Europe)

Both program prices apply when payment is made in full before the start of the program.

Welcome to book a half-hour call to learn more about the mentoring programs by emailing me at camilla@camillaleberthirvi.se

About your mentor Camilla

I am a coach and a mentor since 30 years, an online educator running my own certified coach training and an intuitive leader training. I have certified over 150 coaches, had over 50 leadership groups, run yoga- och lifedesign retreats in Greece for over 20 years. I am a couples therapist. Most of all I have coached many people to develop themselves or their businesses to live a more free and intuitive life. Many of my clients have become location independent and have started to live and run their businesses from their inner purpose.

I sold everything I owned almost 25 years ago and left Sweden with my family. In Thailand, I built up several businesses and a school with a total of 40 employees. Since 2011, I have been solely earning a living online as a coach and coach trainer and moved to Greece. Nowadays, I live alternately between Crete and Bali and help others live their full potential and run businesses more intuitively. I have developed my intuitive business over all these years and share my best tips and methods. It’s about how I intuitively market myself, sense resistance, and see emotions as important clues to my next step. For example, fear can be good and something we should not resist. Instead, fear can become a guide for our next step.