My story

Camilla Lebert Hirvi

The journey to inner and outer Freedom by letting intuition lead me.

The Awakening

What is my truth?

In the year 2000, when my then-husband was sick in stress, I experienced an abrupt awakening. I was living a completely ordinary, stressful life in Stockholm, with daycare drop-offs and pick-ups, amidst my career with frequent travels, building a house, and in the awakening, I realized I wasn’t happy. Yes, I was successful, but I had completely lost touch with my inner truth. It scared me, and I chose to do something very drastic.

If only I knew back then that today I live with as few things as possible, alternating between Crete and Bali, and help hundreds of others create their freer lives with intuition as their compass. I work with intuition as my most important guiding star in my business, as a coach, mentor, and educator. Over the years, I have learned to balance the concrete, masculine drive in me with my feminine receptive intuitive to the flourishing intuitive business I lead today.

Stripping Away the Unnecessary

In emptiness, new things can grow

We sold everything we owned, left our jobs, our family, and friends, and traveled with one-way tickets to Thailand. The immense process of stripping away was like being reborn. Everything old was replaced with new. My way of thinking, being, what my own values really are, what is important in life. Many said we were brave while others wondered what we were doing. During the first year in Thailand, I got distance from my previous life and searched for my new identity because everything old had been replaced with new. In emptiness, something completely new could emerge. Who am I? What do I want? What unique contribution do I have to offer the world? And how do I really want to live my life? I began to listen inward. Suddenly, I connected with something much larger than my thoughts and feelings.

Running a Business Abroad

Ups and downs

My son was born, and we built the first Swedish international school in Thailand, Svenska skolan Sanuk, as we needed a school for our then 7-year-old daughter. After a few years, it had 400 Swedish students. We started a wedding planning business, accommodation bookings, and sold apartments and villas. Suddenly, I was there with 40 employees. It was intuition that had led me, not traditional business thinking. I got divorced, the tsunami came, everything disappeared, but was slowly rebuilt. During my 15 years in Thailand, I experienced many ups and downs. I found my current husband, Eric, online; he moved to me in Thailand, and in 2011, I sold the school and businesses and moved to the island of Rhodes in Greece with Eric and my son. It was intuition that led me to the right buyer and to where we should move.

The Digital Nomad

Living location-independent

I completed training as a couples therapist and worked with couples who came to me on vacation trips. I built up my business online and became one of the first Swedish Digital Nomads in 2011. I had e-programs, and webinars, coached and trained, and certified coaches online. I helped small business owners build their businesses online. In the winter, I began to be in Bali, and we eventually moved to Crete for the rest of the year. I learned to play the guitar, led cacao ceremonies, and stepped even more strongly into my feminine spiritual power. I dared to stand in the light with all my gifts. Both my driving, more masculine entrepreneurial side and at the same time, how I live my life based on my feminine intuitive inner compass. I constantly dare to challenge myself. For example, by learning freediving without tanks.

Since 2004, I have organized yoga retreats every year in Greece with Malin Berghagen a well-known Swedish yoga teacher. We have offered many couples’ yoga retreats where Malin does couple’s yoga, and I do couple’s workshops. Malin and I have evolved over the years together in our personal and spiritual journey.

What We Are Meant For

Seeing others’ potential

Over the years, I have coached hundreds of people and entrepreneurs; I have certified over 150 coaches in my own coach training online, conducted fifty leadership trainings and thirty life design retreats and yoga trips, and been a mentor for many who want to develop themselves or their business.

I know I have a unique ability to see others’ potential. Through intuitive deep questions, I help others open entirely new doors within themselves. My three important areas within which I operate as a coach, mentor, educator, and therapist are:

  • the concrete, practical
  • the intuitive, spiritual
  • the deeper personal development

When we examine our fears and obstacles, they can often be transformed into steppingstones forward. All with the purpose that those I coach can step into their very best selves, that they can bloom into the purpose they are meant for on this earth right now.

The purpose for many I coach, or train is the feeling of freedom and the possibility of being able to live location-independent. Nowadays, I live with a base in Crete, Greece, and spend parts of the year in Bali in Indonesia. Both my children went to our own Swedish school in Thailand and have learned immensely through their upbringing abroad. My daughter now lives in Bali, and my son in Sweden.

I am passionate about enabling more people to create greater inner and outer freedom in their lives, regardless of what it looks like, and dare to trust even more in their intuition. Today, I train and certify coaches through my intuitive coach training. It runs for seven months and is entirely online. The purpose is to enable more people to work as coaches via the internet and be location-independent or in the places where they live. I also have an intuitive leadership training, an Intuitive Business mentoring, and retreats to Crete.

This is my story. Do you also want to create a life with greater inner and outer freedom where you let your intuition guide you?

What do you want your story to contain?